Aunt Annie

After my mother and father died, I was sent to France to live with my aunt. Luckily she spoke English, and served as my interpreter until my French was good enough for me to get along on my own. As a result, we were constantly together, and I grew quite fond of her. 

One night after the dishes were done and my uncle had gone out for the evening, Aunt Annie suggested that I might like to take a bath. At thirteen I thought I was a little old for a bath, and besides, I never did anything to get dirty, but I really didn't feel like arguing, so I agreed. 

"I'll draw the water for you," she declared as she scurried off to the bathroom. I followed behind and watched while she started the water and got it the right temperature. 

"Here, now, let's get those dirty clothes off." She reached over and began to unbutton my shirt.  

"I can do it," I protested. "I'll just go in my room." I felt self-conscious about getting undressed in front of her. 

"Why bother? I'll just help you, right here." And she continued to undo my buttons. "Don't be shy with me, Ned. I am your aunt, you know." She helped me remove my shirt and undershirt, then sat me down on the edge of the tub and took off my shoes and socks. "Stand up, now, and we'll get your pants off." 

She grasped my zipper and I could feel her fingers through the pants. Within seconds my pants were down and I was stepping out of my underwear. My prick was beginning to get hard. 

"My, how skinny you are," she exclaimed as she looked at my body. "But you've got a really nice penis." 

I'd never heard anyone call it that before, except in a book. Most of the kids I'd known called it their prick, or dick, or wang. I felt her hand around it, and it felt strange, having someone else touch it. 

"Come on, climb in. The bath is all ready." She let go of my prick and helped me into the tub. The water felt warm and relaxing. At first I just sat in the water, but then I began to slip down further and further, till my whole body was submerged except for my neck and head.

Aunt Annie got the soap and began to rub it on my chest, and around my armpits, and down my sides. As she got closer to my prick, I could feel it getting hard again. She must have, too, as she drew the bar of soap closer and closer, first up my leg, then behind my balls, then up to the bottom of my prick, which was floating up in the water. Here she reached over and held the head with one hand, stroking the rest with the soap, which felt cool and slippery. Abruptly she grabbed my prick and began to pump it up and down, up and down. I could feel myself getting more and more tense, until suddenly I felt like I was exploding, with white stuff spurting up out of the water.

"My, look at that! You're not a boy, you're a young man!" She exclaimed. At which point she went into an explanation of ejaculation, sperm, and making babies with intercourse. 

Although she never touched me that way again, I will never forget her lessons.


(from Family Affair Fantasies)