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3 Top Characteristics of a #SallyGirl

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Sally Miller 3 Characteristics of Being a Sally Girl

Did you hear the AMAZING news? We officially launched our #SallyGirls program — and we can’t wait for you to be part of it! Here’s what makes a #SallyGirl a SALLY GIRL.

 Curious - 3 Characteristics of a Sally Girl


#SallyGirls Are... Curious! #SallyGirls are enthusiastic and love to learn. As an official #SallyGirl, you’ll get VIP access to interactive group chats with Sally Miller herself to talk fashion, inspiration, and help answer your questions. AND you’ll even have a chance to be gifted a dress in our monthly giveaway!

Featured: The Aspen Dress and The Serena Dress 

Confident  - 3 Characteristics of a Sally Girl

#SallyGirls Are... Confident! Having confidence takes practice, but you can get there by being courageous & doing things outside your comfort zone. And don't forget, Sally Girl, you can also use fashion as the tool to build your confidence! As an official #SallyGirl, you get an automatic 10% off your next purchase so you can select an outfit that makes you feel your most confident self. The best part? As a #SallyGirl, when you submit photos in your fav looks, you’ll have the chance to be featured on Sally Miller’s social media as a #SallyModel!

Featured: The Natalie Dress

#SallyGirls Are... Compassionate! #SallyGirls put the PASSION in compassionate! Helping others is a #SallyGirl natural instinct. When you become an official #SallyGirl, we’ll work together on special projects to express our gratitude and help ourselves & others to feel more empowered. Our style may change, but giving is season-less!

Featured: The Serena Dress and The Adriana Dress

Join the Party and let’s make it OFFICIAL, #SallyGirls — click here to become a #SallyGirl.


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