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Giving is Living: Catwalk of Courage

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At Sally Miller we believe that giving is living. There’s nothing that can bring you a greater amount of fulfillment than the act of giving back, especially in a way that lets you share your passions. We had the honor of presenting the Catwalk of Courage on September 21st, a fashion event hosted by Bloomingdales 59th that supported Solving Kids’ Cancer. It was an an incredibly empowering fashion presentation featuring courageous and empowered tweens and teens.


A week before the event, Sally had the honor of meeting with each girl to have fittings, mentor them, get to know their story, and teach them how to model on a runway. They quickly rose to the occasion and felt the self-confidence that is our mission to give all girls through our Sally Miller brand. They took all that they learned when they walked down the runway in their favorite Sally looks, and inspired all of us in the process!



Not all of the girls walking down the runway have directly struggled with childhood cancer, some were Junior Ambassadors for Solving Kids’ Cancer, meaning that they had dedicated their time to raising money and giving back to cancer research. We purposefully didn’t share which girls were which, as we wanted to unify the girls as being stronger together. When they stepped on the runway, they were all brave Sally girls. No matter what their story, they were there to inspire and uplift each other. “We believe that girls supporting girls is an important message of empowerment as well as bringing much-needed awareness during pediatric cancer month,” said Sally Miller.



Seeing these courageous girls walk the catwalk, you could feel the self-confidence and independence exuding from these girls. This meant a lot to us, because inspiring self-confidence is one of our Sally Miller core values, and we encourage their self-esteem through the products we design and the content we share digitally. By creating on-trend, comfortable styles that girls can feel their best in, girls everywhere can feel confidently stylish!



This event gave us the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses and brands. Bloomingdales 59th sponsored the event at their 59th street location and their salon gave the girls mini manicures. Converse donated sneakers for the girls to wear to rock the runway comfortably. MAC Cosmetics helped give the girls even more confidence by providing makeup. Melissa cupcakes added a touch of sweetness to the event. There was even a photo booth to capture those picture-perfect moments. To add to this beautiful event, there were mocktail and cocktail servers making their way through the crowd as the live DJ played tunes selected by the models. Most importantly, though, the event amplified the incredible charity, Solving Kids’ Cancer, who dedicate their lives to finding cures and advocating for children with cancer. It was a fulfilling event for all!



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