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“Surrender to uncertainty and nothing will ever go wrong”, says Deepak Chopra.
What irony I thought. I was staring at this quote- the only one on my “vision wall” that I had put up in 2019, along with a colorful map of the US.  I felt things shifting inside me.  My intuition directed me to start writing a book. It was something I had been asked to do for years but always had a reason why I couldn’t. I always had a book in my hand- always kept a journal, wrote poems. Still do. But a book? I was petrified to write a book because it was something I always wanted to do. When the pandemic hit and we were forced to shut down I started to write, a little. Soon after, my intuition shared that it was time to sell the house and travel. It didn’t share with me where or guide me to a plan. It was vague. It just kept telling me to write. My house sold fast, my daughters moved out and in together.  I got in my car with my belongings and traveled across the United States for the next six months, only planning 6 days at a time. I didn’t know where I would end up moving to. Just wonder and adventure. Alone. Just like the quote and map on my wall. I immersed myself in Mother Nature as she is the place, I go to simply be. She is healing, nourishing, and playful. Went off social. No distractions. People along the way guided me to the next place, the next hike, kayaking trip, meet-ups. I filled up- overflowed. I kept writing.  


What I have learned is greeting uncertainty with curiosity moves us into exploring and discovering more of ourselves. It keeps us moving forward. The hard part is trusting the process when we don’t know. Trust.  We cannot have one foot in and one foot out of our life or we will miss the very excitement and joy of being here.  We must be brave to let go. What I know now more than ever is -when we surrender, trust and act from our intuitive knowing, we become more of ourselves. We become Unstoppable.  We become Free. 





I am so excited to have finished my first book and can't wait to share it with you soon! As for new Sally Miller fashion collections that many of you have asked me about- I continue to be immersed in fashion, styling and developing projects and services to empower all tweens/teens to be confident, which means to trust and love themselves, be resilient so they never give up on following their hearts.  Stay tuned for the latest updates and launches. Let’s stay connected.  I am excited to hear from you and grow our community together!  



With Endless Love and Blessings,  



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