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Hey Sally

Hey Sally, What makes someone stylish?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


When I think of what makes someone stylish, I think of one trait that stylish people have in common. Stylish people radiate an inner confidence. They trust themselves. There is a quiet confidence about them that comes from the inside out. Whether classic or bold glamour, they wear the outfit, the outfit doesn’t wear them.

Timeless Style

I was at a chic party in New York City, when a woman walked in wearing a navy turtleneck and indigo flared jeans. Little make up. No one could take their eyes off her. The energy of the room shifted. She had styled herself from the inside out. She owned herself. She wore the clothes; the clothes didn’t wear her.

Bold Style

Iris Apfel, is a legendary style icon, who would never be seen wearing jeans and a top with no accessories. She defies classic dressing. Her motto is "more is more and less is a bore". Iris is daring in her colorful, print layered outfits and bold accessories. Exploring and taking fashion risks is the key to Iris Apfel’s style. She too, styles from the inside out. No matter how many accessories she piles on, she is wearing them, they are not wearing her. Iris trusts and believes in herself. That is confidence.

Find Your Style

Some stylish people may wear high end designer labels, but their fashion decisions are not based on price tags. Plenty of stylish people wear thrift shop finds. Being creative and mixing high low-priced items is something I have always been attracted to. Experimenting and being open to new ideas is key to finding your unique style.

It can be as simple as adding a barrette in an unexpected place in your hair. When on fashion shoots, I have always tried different outfits with unexpected shoes or color. Experimenting with different ways to put something together is always a good idea.

Proportion is Key

Proportion is key to understanding what looks stylish. The “golden ratio” of 1/3’s is the beauty standard in fashion, architecture, and art. For example, if you’re wearing wide leg bottoms, try a cropped top or jacket- 1/3 on top and 2/3’s on bottom. Do not cut yourself in half, it is not as interesting to the eye. Play, have fun in uncovering who you are. You will find your authentic style there!

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