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The Power of Fashion

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Empowering Confidence through Fashion

Barbie Versus Skipper Fashion

Barbie, Barbie, Barbie

Barbie and Ken, the perfect dolls. You had to own them to be considered cool when I was a tween. I wasn't that cool. I had a hand me down Barbie and her younger sister Skipper. Designing for Barbie and Skipper was my first fashion and styling assignment. Skipper was shorter and not as developed. No one paid attention to Skipper. She wasn't trendy . This infuriated my young spirit. I would glue, cut and tape fabric scraps together to make Skipper the glamorous outfits. She was the STAR. Skipper got the only pair of sunglasses and rode around in the front seat. She was the driver, while Barbie, with uncombed hair, wearing a dull dress, barefoot, was banned to the back seat. It was Skipper, the underdog who would rise up and have all the glory.

Confident Style

As a young tween, it was the first time I realized that fashion had the power to make someone feel confident, empowered! That feeling ignited my passion, curiosity and imagination. Dreaming of becoming a fashion designer had begun.

Fashion is Proven To Be Mind Altering

Did you know that fashion can help you ace your tests, get that job, land the role? The meaning we give to fashion is proven to be mind altering. The term is called "enclothed cognition". A social science experiment proved this concept to be true. Before an exam, a group of college students were given white mid length coats and told they were wearing doctors lab coats while another group were told they were wearing artist smocks. The last group were not given coats. Guess who all tested the best? You're correct. The students who were told they were in doctors coats performed far better than the others. White doctors lab coats are associated with being smarter, attentive and careful. The meaning we give to fashion and color matters. The next time you reach into your closet, choose what makes you feel your most confident self. Style yourself from the inside out and feel your confidence grow.


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