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How do you change a negative vibe into a positive vibe?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The first thing to do to change a negative vibe to a positive vibe is to start by giving yourself permission to feel it all. Feel it - don’t fight it.

So often we deny our feelings as they seem too overwhelming. We try to control our emotions. We think the dark thoughts will never pass. They do pass. All passes. The positive passes and the negative passes.

They first key is to decide that it's ok to feel negative, uncomfortable, and painful feelings. You are separate from your harsh critical thoughts. You are not your feelings, you are YOU.

The second key is to have self-compassion for how you feel and not judge yourself or others harshly. Self-compassion is the key to unlock the stuck you.

No one feels positive all the time. We are humans navigating a very uncertain world.

So how do you have self-compassion when you are feeling stuck in the negative?

Keep reminding yourself that although you feel overwhelmed right now – it will pass. Talk kindly to yourself.

Say things like, “I know this is temporary and it will pass” “I am not my feelings, I am awesome”.

Take small actions that are anchored in self-compassion.

Here are the five fastest ways to get there.


Breathing solves everything. It really does. Take a deep breath of positive calm energy and exhale the negative- the fear. Keep breathing.

Inhale Calm Exhale Fear


Get up and go outside for a walk. Fresh air and feeling your feet on the earth is grounding. It is a way to connect with something greater than yourself. Have faith.

Call Someone

Call a friend, family member, mentor/coach whose voice you trust. We need to be reminded of who we are when we forget. You are amazing – all of you as you are- right now.


Write it out of your body and onto paper to release the energy. Don’t judge yourself or your words. No one is watching but your higher self who loves you.


Separate yourself from the negative self-talk. Put your thoughts on imaginary clouds in a blue sky and watch them go by. Keep saying to yourself- “whatever I am feeling is passing. I am watching my feelings go by. I am not my feelings. I let go. All is well. I am a positive thinker.” Words are powerful. Make your language work for you to create the inner stillness and positive vibe you deserve.

What positive vibe do you want more of in 2023?

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