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Hey Sally

Hey Sally, Am anxious. How can I feel more inner peace right now?

It’s safe to say, you are not alone. The key to feeling less anxious and more peace is to take small actions to get you back into the present moment. Anxiety lives in the future. Inner Peace lives in the present. I want you to know that the key to feeling more peace is to not beat yourself when you find yourself stuck, feeling anxious. NO ONE is perfect. No one lives in the present moment 100% of the time. We are spiritual beings having a human experience! Cultivating more self-compassion will help you feel more inner peace as you practice the following, imperfectly!

6 Key Practices to Grow Inner Peace

Notice Your Breath

I know when I am feeling anxious, I forget to breathe. I will catch myself holding my breath. A simple way to remember to breathe is to write the word BREATHE on a few post it notes and place them around where you will see them regularly. On your mirror, a wall you pass by, your desk lamp, in your car. We all forget to breathe. Taking a big inhale gets oxygen moving through your body and the exhale helps release the anxiety. Sounds simple I know. Simple works. As you practice paying attention to your breath, you will notice yourself when you are holding your breath and will remember to exhale. Getting back to the present is key, and we do this by first noticing our breathing.

Wiggle Your Toes

Have you ever been in the shower and forgot if you just washed your face? We all do this. We all get lost in our thoughts. One time, when this happened, I stared down at my feet and started to wiggle my toes. Looking at your feet and wiggling your toes brings you right back to the present moment. So whether you are sitting at your desk, making a snack or in the shower, look at your feet. Wiggle your toes. Take this moment and just wiggle your toes. Feel yourself get back to the present moment and smile. It works, right?

Get Yourself Outside

Being in nature is grounding. It is a way to connect back to ourselves and to Life. Spending time outside is proven to lower anxiety. When I am feeling anxious, I get myself outside. I walk every day to lower my anxiety and get connected. Even when I don’t want to, I take time at some point to get outside and walk. Start with ten minutes. You will feel the difference. Just start with a few days every week and work yourself up to everyday. Spending time outside is so important for our overall well-being. You are worth it.

Speak with Someone You Trust

Make that call. Left alone, our minds become a bad neighborhood to go to. Bring someone with you to help turn on the lights. Your trusted person will remind you that all is well. You are safe. You are not alone. Texting is not the same as talking with someone and having a human connection. We are wired for human connection. We need community. You are invited to join our community that meets on zoom. Email me or DM me on Insta @sallymillerfash and I will answer. Know we are all in this together growing a safe and loving community to be ourselves and cultivate more self-love and joy.


Write down all your unedited thoughts. Move the energy out of your body and onto paper. Journaling helps release anxiety and helps create more space inside of you to feel safe. Writing every morning, even a paragraph helps! The goal is to create more space between you, and your mind. You are not your mind; you are the one watching it!

Practice Gratitude: Service to Others

It is scientifically proven, that we cannot feel anxious and grateful at the same time. I know when I am feeling anxious it is not so easy to feel grateful. One practice I do, is to put my hand on my heart and allow my heart to open. I think of a few things I am grateful for. Simple things. Being in service to others whether it is making that call, complimenting someone, being a good listener, smiling at someone or volunteering all strengthen and ground us in peace and gratitude. When we are actively serving others and not thinking about ourselves, we are in the present moment. Gratitude lives there!


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