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Hey Sally

Hey Sally, how do you feel gratitude when you're stressed out?

Key to Gratitude

I hear you. When stressed out, feeling grateful seems impossible. We all have written in our gratitude journals, only to forget ten minutes later. What I have learned is the key to unlocking inner peace and the connection to love and joy we all want is not about having gratitude, it lies in the simple and yet transformative practice of expressing gratitude. That’s right, it’s not necessary to feel gratitude in the moment; the act of expressing is enough. Expressing gratitude strengthens and creates more of it.

How Gratitude Works

Gratitude is a powerful force. It transcends the boundaries of personal emotions. When we take a moment to express our appreciation, be it through a heartfelt compliment, a handwritten note, or phone call, something magical transpires within us. Our hearts open, and our bodies instinctively relax. Inner calm returns. Energy blocks dissolve. The gentle current of Love flows through us, connecting us back to ourselves and to each other.

Ultimate Belonging

Expressing gratitude awakens a profound sense of belonging. As we make it a daily practice to convey appreciation, the muscle of gratitude grows stronger. The connection between our heart, mind, and soul, are woven into a fabric of something larger than ourselves. It is a connection fueled by Love — a force that unites us all. Feel inner peace, by realizing that the simple act of acknowledging the good in others and the world around us has the power to transform our inner world, cultivating a sanctuary of peace, love, and genuine connection.


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