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Hey Sally

Hey Sally, What can I do to feel less anxious?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The key to lowering your anxiety is to get back to the present moment. You get anxious when you jump to the future in your mind. The “what if’s” take over. Made up scenarios start to feel real. But they are not real. You are making them up. The future hasn’t happened yet.

How do you get back to the present moment?


Become aware of your breath. Yes, it’s that simple. We just forget and hold our breath when we are anxious. Take a deep breath. Just feel the air coming in your nose slowly and out of your mouth. This is called the grounding breath. The moment you are aware of our breath, you have returned to the present moment. Inhale calm, exhale anxiety.

The more you practice being aware of your breath, checking in with your body parts, relaxing them, the more present you will become for longer periods of time. Because you will be living in the present moment, which is pure awareness, consciousness, stillness. You are not your anxious mind. You, your presence is the one watching it.

Let Go.

We all feel anxious when we leap into the future and try to control the outcome. This happens when we want more certainty. We make up different stories in attempt to control the future, the outcome. Even if its negative- at least we think we have certainty.

Here’s the hack. If you are going to make up stories about the future, make them work for you and not against you. Make your stories positive ones. See your future the way you want it to be and celebrate your future self. This will raise your energy and lower your anxiety and most importantly help grow your inner capacity to live with more uncertainty.


The reality is the future is always beyond our grasp. It hasn’t happened yet. Be here now where you are. Let your shoulders relax, unlock your jaw, and wiggle your toes. Take a walk-in nature. Feeling your feet on the ground is helpful to reconnect back to yourself. Getting outside every day is always a good practice.

All is always working out for you in perfect timing.

Be gentle and kind to yourself and others.

You are doing the best you can with what you know right now.

And that is enough.


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